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Indigo Marketing Sales Solutions was the brainchild of Alan and Kristi. They have been business partners for over 8 years and enjoy the everyday challenges of a successful startup. From retail to real estate and everything in between they knew they had the know-how and ability to help business grow their businesses. The next step was to find the most talented people to help them in their journey. And guess what… they found them. The team is a well-diversified mix of the best tech savvy, marketing, business strategist, creative and funny team you will find. We strive for the best and we are ready to conquer the world!


Kristi Soener Kristi
President, Co-Founder

As the President and Co-Founder, Kristi puts all the fun, excitement and unpredictability to the office.  An entrepreneur at heart, Kristi is an idea machine, and her deep love for creativity has translated into major success in start-ups. She is a kindhearted business leader yet everyone knows she is the chick-in-charge. Kristi combines her wealth of experience in business strategy and expertise in originality to achieve marketing greatness.   If you can’t find Kristi, she is chilling out at Starbucks! As a mother of 4-year-old twins, Kristi spends her time having water balloon fights, watching every Disney movie and playing outdoors.  And for a stress reliever she enjoys tae kwon do. Oh yeah, she also likes drinking beer too!


Alan Strong Alan
CEO, Co-Founder

Alan is the CEO and co-founder of Indigo Marketing. Alan is the company’s fearless leader. He has 15+ years of marketing experience & has founded a number of successful start-ups and helped clients setup many more. As the CEO he also hold the job as chief strategist planning and execution at Indigo Marketing. Alan’s background in Marketing is truly all encompassing.  He has experience in every aspect of the Marketing game from branding, advertising and promotions.  Alan is a multi-talent genius.  As the CEO, Alan is committed to providing an open and creative work environment that encourages his team to reach their goals both professionally and personally. He has grown companies from startups, online companies, to real estate development and investments. Alan served in the US Army and brings a vast knowledge from his past experiences.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, fishing. Not saying he’s a pro bass fisherman… but pretty darn close.  Oh yeah, he enjoys drinking beer.


Director of Technology

Aside from SEO, Web Design and being our technology guru, he is constantly expanding his knowledge within the field of online marketing. Dan also leads the company in email marketing and implantation. He has a strong background in what we at Indigo call “All the Techy Stuff”. He is the brains behind the machines. Dan is also our famed grill master.  His love for BBQ will never allow him to become a vegetarian.


VP of Customer Success

Sarah recently joined the Indigo team as VP of Customer Success. Sarah oversees client relationships, creative services, email marketing, and maintains various aspects of several Indigo websites. She has a deep passion for helping clients realize their goals and objectives for marketing. Before joining our team, Sarah worked as an assistant at a legal office in Olympia, WA. She also has a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. While looking for job opportunities during the summer months, Sarah found Indigo and fell in love with the world of marketing. Outside of work, Sarah is a free-spirited, spinach eating, song-writing Yogi and Super Mom. We just call her a happy hippie.


Kenny HaydenKenny
Salesmen of the Year

Kenny has been with Indigo from day one.  He brings a wealth of sales knowledge and is our eyes and ears in the marketplace.  He helps in product development and helps brand our product to businesses. By the way, you can’t miss Kenny, because he drives a car completely wrapped with our logo.  That is employee dedication! 



App Developer

Andy is our resident App Developer, Marketing Master and general Go-To-Guy. His tasks here at Indigo evolve daily as he demonstrates his value with our company. A recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Andy excelled at New Media. Before joining our team, Andy developed apps for fun in his free time. When he’s not taking care of business at Indigo, you will probably find Andy rocking out at a local concert, stimulating his brain on Trivia Night, or maybe just drinking beer. 


K9 Intern

Roxanne is a beautiful labradoodle and she knows it.  She belongs to our CEO, Alan and spends most of her day napping under Alan’s desk. She was named Roxanne because of the song "Roxanne".  She also can be found in office trashcans, purses or on office chairs looking for food.  She was born and bred in on a small farm in western Nebraska and she thinks she is a princess.


K9 Intern

Molly is a old English Sheep Dog. She is our Indigo Marketing guard dog.  She is incredible sweet and loving although her Detroit upbringing gives her an exciting edge about her. Molly also belongs to our CEO Alan, and we all enjoy her playfulness.  Since joining Indigo Marketing, Molly enjoys long walks, off lease adventures in the dog park and herding other dogs. Molly is also known as our talent recruiter. 


Kristi’s Intern

Trevor is Kristi’s right hand man and Starbucks buddy.  He is a multi-tasker and quick thinker. He helps finish projects that needs to be done, and does it with a smile.  His warm, caring and strong personality brings a nice balance to our office.  He is also our famed Football star at Morningside College and recently climbed Pikes Peak.


Design Guru

To put it simply, Leah is one of Indigo Marketing’s strongest assets, and she understands that anyone can “make something look cool”, but the key in smart design is to make it look great while still following a brand strategy. Beyond her expertise in traditional design, Leah is also a creative goddess. Outside of work, Leah enjoys, reading, spending time with her friends and family, and surfing (which can be difficult living in Nebraska).

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