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Launched in February of 2011, Indigo Marketing & Sales Solutions was created to serve small to medium size businesses by giving them real solutions to create successful sales campaigns, retain existing customers while acquiring new ones. All this really meant nothing though unless it could increase their bottom line. It also meant nothing if it wasn’t a win for the customer.

What We Are: The Indigo Marketing Group is a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses looking to fully leverage the internet.

Who We Are: We work with everyone from technology start-ups to well established offline businesses looking to market online. What do all our clients have in common? They are smart! They are run by growth-oriented leaders who care just as much about community, giving back, and listening to their customers as they do about bottom line profits. They are all on a mission to make this world a better place in their own way. They all recognize that the internet is an extremely powerful tool that can help skyrocket their businesses. They just aren’t always sure how to use this powerful tool (Hint: If this sounds like you, we should chat).

Why Indigo: Because we LOVE what we do! Clichéd? Yes, but also 99% true. The other 1% comes from the fact that we rock at what we do. We understand the internet inside-out. More importantly, we also understand exactly how to use it to help companies take over the world (AKA…make more money). Luckily, we only use our powers for good.

Where We Are: While we are internet marketing agency based in Omaha, Nebraska, we are a virtual company with a very talented team with professionals around the country. We are currently involved in a nationwide backyard branding solution on the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast.

How We Do It: Through our ability to turn clicks into clients. Well, that… and local city specific sites, night life solutions, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website branding and conversion, content marketing, blog design and development, training, consulting, and speaking. Let’s just say when we say Full-Service, we mean it.

Requirements: Expertise in PHP, SQL, and APIs necessary with JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and Wordpress a plus. The successful candidate will be a tech-savvy, innovative, and well-rounded individual that is highly engaged in the business of interactive web development. Being located in Omaha, NE is preferred but not a requirement.

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